Boscombe Fringe Festival

Inspired by clients of Vita Nova, Boscombe Fringe Festival was born in 2013, as a platform to showcase the best of the company’s work.

The idea quickly grew, with other local artists taking an interest, and in 2014 the festival ran over 4 days, in 4 venues and programmed work from around the UK (and abroad!) which was made by people affected by, or dealt with issues of disadvantage and inequality.

Boscombe Fringe had a short but inspired life, and has been superseded by the excellent Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe.

As part of Boscombe Fringe, I produced and/or directed the following work for Vita Nova:

Flea – Paul Hawkins
St Anne’s – Jane Cartwright
PAUSE. PLEASE. REWIND THE TAPE – Gail Cecil/ 612 Media
The Fridge – Simon McCormack

Narcissim the Musical – Scott Lavene
Kerb – Jane Cartwright
Our Stories Will Remain – Vita Nova Company 



Poster designed by Vita Nova Associate Artist Nigel Gouldfringe-poster_final

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