Academic Profile

Selected Achievements

Converge short-listed for a Times Higher Award in  ‘Excellence and Innovation in the Arts’

Awarded Alum of the Year 2010, in recognition of my contribution to York St. John through the development of Converge, a unique arts and mental health project.

Invited to share and present the work of Converge with theatre, and health staff and students at Pacific University, Oregon, USA.

Papers and Publications

A return to ordinariness: How does working alongside people who use mental health service effect theatre students’ attitudes to mental illness?

Published in ‘Journal of Applied Arts and Health’, Vol 4. Issue 2. 2013 (co-author)

‘Reading performance through the lens of Madness’; audience research in theatre and mental Health.

Presented at ‘Confined Spaces’, arts and mental health conference, Corpus Christi, Cambridge, 2012

‘How’s your little drama group going?’: Questions of Value and Representation in Theatre and Mental Health.

Presented at ‘Health Acts’, applied theatre conference, Exeter University 2011

Out of Character Performance: ‘Episodes’.

Presented at Inspiring Transformations, Arts and Health conference, University of Northampton 2009

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