Mentoring & Consultancy Enquiries

I find that theatre is a great way of building confidence, exploring
issues and developing creativity and group work skills. The arts are ideally placed to support people to achieve positive health and
wellbeing outcomes.

Increasingly this is being recognised by policy makers and health providers. Understanding how to commission an artist or develop a project to support you in meeting your health and wellbeing targets can be a confusing task.

Gemma is great at evoking passion in people even when they feel their creative flame has been blown out. Her dedication and drive is contagious.

Equally for artists hoping to develop this area of their practice, finding good quality training or advice on how to ‘translate’ your arts
practice into health settings can feel frustrating.

Having worked across arts and health fields, as an artist, manager, researcher and mentor,  I have an extensive knowledge of the
sector, and I have presented research, and taught at universities
internationally and in the UK.

I would welcome an opportunity to support you to get the skills you need to exceed your aims.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact me for an informal chat about your requirements.

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