Make Again

What does it all mean? How do I explain my work when I’m not sure what I meant?

I made it, I should, of all people be able to explain what it was I meant…. maybe its all in the work in the way in it needs to be said, perhaps this is why I struggle to explain.

I need to know what I’ve done.

Time passes, I change, you change, can I bring the past into the present and what will happen when it gets here?

Obviously, time adds more to the stories, I know new things now, do I add them in, remain faithful to the original, acknowledge my naivety or perhaps even celebrate it…. some of it feels pretty embarrassing now…. what does it mean.

Re-turn, re-visit, re-imagine, re-awaken, re-present, re-present, re-do, re-make, re-cycle, re-achieve, re-fail, re-know, re-see, re-be.

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