Play Me

In this room, with us tonight is a lady.
And that lady is a child.
This child becomes a lady.
This young girl becomes a lady.
But not on her own.
She needs your help to make this transition.
She is asking for your help.
More than that she’s begging, begging for your help to turn her from a child, from a young girl into a lady.

No. No she’s not. She is not asking for your help.
You don’t realise it but she’s not asking for your help.
The young girl never asks for your help but you do it anyway.
You never asked. You just assumed and did it anyway. Based on what you thought, you knew, you assumed the young girl was a lady.

No-one blames you.
No-one’s blaming anyone.
But I want you to know that it’s your fault.

I blame you. I could blame myself but I don’t. I blame you. Well it’s better than blaming myself isn’t it?

This isn’t my fault.
You left me out.
This is your fault.
You left me out.

The Lady Text, Gemma Alldred, 2010

Play Me: A Collaborative evening of Performance


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