A Nice Cup of Tea – refreshed

Just a little mutual love and back scratch to artist “Darcy Isla” for her lovely feedback on her recent blog about a piece of work I made in 2008 … almost made me think of bringing it back to life. A girl I met at university, while we were there, created this piece of theatre, centering aroundContinue reading “A Nice Cup of Tea – refreshed”

Out of Character: Reception

Reception Directed by Gemma Alldred October 2011: Holgate Reception, York St. John University   A site-specific intervention in the Holgate building’s reception at York St. John University. Commissioned as part of the well-being initiative for World Mental Health Day. The space was invaded by suspicious men with suitcases, gentlemen/women exchanging top hats and newspapers, the world’sContinue reading “Out of Character: Reception”

Out of Character: Speaking Ourselves

Directed by Gemma Alldred Subsequent additional direction by Gina Vickers 2011 / 2013 Create 13, York St. John University 2013 ongoing performances   Speaking Ourselves is Out of Character’s second mental health themed show. This performance has gone through various permutations and developments since work began on it in 2011 with founding director Gemma Alldred. It’sContinue reading “Out of Character: Speaking Ourselves”

Live Art Therapy

Live Art Therapy | An Exploration of Fear | An Exploration of Exclusion Live Art Therapy is a durational, interactive installation which asks if we can find an answer to the question, ‘what is live art?’. Participants are invited to view materials, contribute to discussion and to create for camera their own stills and write description forContinue reading “Live Art Therapy”

Out of Character: Homespun

Homespun Directed by Gemma Alldred May 2011: Create 11, York St. John University   Homespun was a performance on the theme of ‘home’, and was a collaboration between Out of Character and the Converge students from the Working Towards Performance course. More information and performance photos can be found on the blog that was created during the process: homeandaplay.wordpress.com  Continue reading “Out of Character: Homespun”

Out of Character: Tales from Kafka

Adapted and Directed by Juliet Forster July 2010: York Theatre Royal “I think you cope quite sensibly with the difficulty of living…We tremble in the balance, we don’t fall, we flutter even though we may be uglier than bats” Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Franz Kafka. Drawing on a rich vein ofContinue reading “Out of Character: Tales from Kafka”

Out of Character: Episodes

Directed by Gemma Alldred Various ongoing educational performances including – March 2010: Mental Health in Higher Education Conference, Lancaster October 2010: World Mental Health Day, The Carriage Works, Leeds Episodes was our specifically made mental health show. It came as a response to an increasing number of requests for the company to perform as part ofContinue reading “Out of Character: Episodes”

Out of Character : Reality and Better Nightmares

Directed by Gemma Alldred January 2009: Hidden Histories, York A short performance for a Hidden Histories seminar event held at York St. John University. This performance focused on things we wanted to remember and things we’d prefer to forget. This was our first devised performance as a then un-named theatre company. Having completed the introductory theatre course provided by York St. JohnContinue reading “Out of Character : Reality and Better Nightmares”