Creative Writing Course

New creative writing course starting soon at EDAS in Poole open to people using EDAS service, as well as people who may not currently be in treatment, but are in recovery from addiction. If you attend EDAS, please speak to Michelle about signing up. If you’re interested in attending the course, but aren’t currently in treatment, pleaseContinue reading “Creative Writing Course”


Theatre Classes for Grown-ups! PlayGroup is a new theatre workshop group for adults, the workshops will be taught like short courses, each focusing on different aspects of theatre and performance. An emphasis will be placed on supporting both your individual interests and the groups aims over the duration. There are lots of benefits in regularlyContinue reading “PlayGroup”

Looking Forward to 2016

As we approach the end of 2015 I am already excited to jump into a year of exciting new projects and developments, including a creative writing project supported by Lit Up!, working with people with experience of addiction and in the Spring I will be lecturing at Arts University Bournemouth, working with Acting students to developContinue reading “Looking Forward to 2016”

She Called Me Mother – Writing Workshops

Really excited to be working with Poole Lighthouse and Lit Up! on delivering writing workshops in the community inspired by ‘She Called Me Mother’ which will be performed on 15th and 16th October – having read bits  of the script its sure to be great! The workshops will take the script as a starting point andContinue reading “She Called Me Mother – Writing Workshops”

Out of Character: An Evening of Brecht, Beckett & Hare

Directed by Gemma Alldred December 2009: York St. John University   We presented an evening of text based work, using three short scenes from three playwrites. The company split into three groups, and with the assistance of the collaborating theatre students, worked on the performing and staging of: What, Where by Samuel Beckett Plenty by David HareContinue reading “Out of Character: An Evening of Brecht, Beckett & Hare”

Out of Character: Homespun

Homespun Directed by Gemma Alldred May 2011: Create 11, York St. John University   Homespun was a performance on the theme of ‘home’, and was a collaboration between Out of Character and the Converge students from the Working Towards Performance course. More information and performance photos can be found on the blog that was created during the process:  Continue reading “Out of Character: Homespun”

Out of Character : Reality and Better Nightmares

Directed by Gemma Alldred January 2009: Hidden Histories, York A short performance for a Hidden Histories seminar event held at York St. John University. This performance focused on things we wanted to remember and things we’d prefer to forget. This was our first devised performance as a then un-named theatre company. Having completed the introductory theatre course provided by York St. JohnContinue reading “Out of Character : Reality and Better Nightmares”

Out of Character: Enchantment

Directed by Gemma Alldred May 2009: Create 09 Festival, York  Enchantment was developed over 12 weeks with the then newly formed/ newly named theatre company, Out of Character. The motivation for the development of the piece came from two key themes, a desire to ‘do’ Shakespeare and themes around identity, which are especially relevant as the companyContinue reading “Out of Character: Enchantment”