To everyone I’ve ever loved….

…I spelt your name out in stones…. and  sandy beaches……. I was recently talking to a writer and poet about ‘The Distance Travelled’ (which has now brought me to Bournemouth, hence the incredibly long gap in digital updates), I was describing how it ends, me waiting and explaining to the audience that I made thisContinue reading “To everyone I’ve ever loved….”

The Distance Travelled – new research blog

So its been coming for a while and finally I have found a little space and time to get it together – a new blog, for a new process, with the aim of a new performance. So far I have travelled on trains, through time and now on foot…. a travelling auto-ethnographer seems to beContinue reading “The Distance Travelled – new research blog”

Left Luggage

  “A girl in a black dress gets on a train…..” Left Luggage is a tale of loss and remembrance. This story folds narrative, autobiography and testimony into a journey that we all know, a journey we all take,  and sometimes fear that we will have to take again and again. View the paper documentation Left Luggage from Gemma Alldred on Vimeo.