“Days Like These”

“Days Like These” was written for anyone who was ever 17. “You see the play is about this woman, this woman looking for a girl… and we’re running out of time….this play it’s not going anywhere, we’re not going anywhere….these characters aren’t going to change, its like they are stuck to the page” Drawing onContinue reading ““Days Like These””

Sex and the Studio

Couldn’t resist that title as it flowed off my finger tips onto the screen… no delete button for that instant outpouring. I’ve been in the studio re-membering Underwear as part of my current research which I’m calling ‘Make again. Make new.’ Its been an interesting few hours and it was good to get started, startingContinue reading “Sex and the Studio”

where to now?

It’s August. I promised myself July off, which I did to some extent. I performed in a children’s theatre piece at a festival near Birmingham. Does that count as working? I keep thinking about trains. About trains and suicide. About the ripple effect of the attempt to end a life that results in delayed trains.Continue reading “where to now?”