She Called Me Mother – Writing Workshops

Really excited to be working with Poole Lighthouse and Lit Up! on delivering writing workshops in the community inspired by ‘She Called Me Mother’ which will be performed on 15th and 16th October – having read bits  of the script its sure to be great! The workshops will take the script as a starting point andContinue reading “She Called Me Mother – Writing Workshops”

Left Luggage – one more journey!

Left Luggage will be performed as part of Bournemouth Emerging Artists Fringe on October 3rd at 7pm Don’t miss out – tickets can be reserved for FREE here – recommended on the door donation of £3 You can catch a trailer of the show and more information in the ‘performance’ section of this website. Hope to see youContinue reading “Left Luggage – one more journey!”

To everyone I’ve ever loved….

…I spelt your name out in stones…. and  sandy beaches……. I was recently talking to a writer and poet about ‘The Distance Travelled’ (which has now brought me to Bournemouth, hence the incredibly long gap in digital updates), I was describing how it ends, me waiting and explaining to the audience that I made thisContinue reading “To everyone I’ve ever loved….”

Out of Character: An Evening of Brecht, Beckett & Hare

Directed by Gemma Alldred December 2009: York St. John University   We presented an evening of text based work, using three short scenes from three playwrites. The company split into three groups, and with the assistance of the collaborating theatre students, worked on the performing and staging of: What, Where by Samuel Beckett Plenty by David HareContinue reading “Out of Character: An Evening of Brecht, Beckett & Hare”

A Nice Cup of Tea – refreshed

Just a little mutual love and back scratch to artist “Darcy Isla” for her lovely feedback on her recent blog about a piece of work I made in 2008 … almost made me think of bringing it back to life. A girl I met at university, while we were there, created this piece of theatre, centering aroundContinue reading “A Nice Cup of Tea – refreshed”

The Distance Travelled – new research blog

So its been coming for a while and finally I have found a little space and time to get it together – a new blog, for a new process, with the aim of a new performance. So far I have travelled on trains, through time and now on foot…. a travelling auto-ethnographer seems to beContinue reading “The Distance Travelled – new research blog”