“Days Like These”

“Days Like These” was written for anyone who was ever 17. “You see the play is about this woman, this woman looking for a girl… and we’re running out of time….this play it’s not going anywhere, we’re not going anywhere….these characters aren’t going to change, its like they are stuck to the page” Drawing onContinue reading ““Days Like These””

Left Luggage

  “A girl in a black dress gets on a train…..” Left Luggage is a tale of loss and remembrance. This story folds narrative, autobiography and testimony into a journey that we all know, a journey we all take,  and sometimes fear that we will have to take again and again. View the paper documentation Left Luggage from Gemma Alldred on Vimeo.

Out of Character: Reception

Reception Directed by Gemma Alldred October 2011: Holgate Reception, York St. John University   A site-specific intervention in the Holgate building’s reception at York St. John University. Commissioned as part of the well-being initiative for World Mental Health Day. The space was invaded by suspicious men with suitcases, gentlemen/women exchanging top hats and newspapers, the world’sContinue reading “Out of Character: Reception”

Out of Character: Speaking Ourselves

Directed by Gemma Alldred Subsequent additional direction by Gina Vickers 2011 / 2013 Create 13, York St. John University 2013 ongoing performances   Speaking Ourselves is Out of Character’s second mental health themed show. This performance has gone through various permutations and developments since work began on it in 2011 with founding director Gemma Alldred. It’sContinue reading “Out of Character: Speaking Ourselves”